€6 such a great record? HOW DO YOU DO THAT?


Our prices are low because we keep everything small and simple, making no compromise on quality.

First of all, CDR-only; and recently 3" CDR only. CDRs are the cheapest media around, even in countries where taxes make more than half the price. And 3" CDRs are not only very nice, they're light and small and easy to send.

We do everything ourselves. We design the sleeves, master the records, burn them, etc. all at home using secondhand and recycled professional gear.

We buy everything we use for the label online in quite massive quantities. Our colour sleeves are actually photo prints on glossy paper. The idea of a record, a simple paper insert and a PVC envelope is nice to the eye for sure but it also remains fresh while travelling by post to your door and costs very little to send to you; we also use low-grade recycled paper for our envelopes so trees remain happy about us.

Although we do send quite a lot of promo to labels, radios, webzines, etc. we have very little marketing expenses because of all the reasons above.

We sell online mostly, and a little via independent distribution lists. The only problem we're always ranting about is the PayPal fees: if you have another way of selling records, please DO let us know!

And last but not least, we do not make money out of the label. What you pay for when buying a record from us is our costs -if anything more comes out of a release, it goes to the artists.