JAN 7th 2012
BE#37 is FrzImagho and moon -more
BurningEmptiness Inc. is back after over three years of hypersleep.

NOV 1st 2008
BE#36 is Robe. vs. The Crowned Heads Of Europe -more

JUN 21st 2007
BE#34 is Ondo vs. The Austrasian Goat
and BE#35 is .redshifts vs. Whitenoisesound -more

OCT 24th 2006
BE#32 is The Bordellos vs. Perfect Blue, eclectic psychedelism and BE#33 is O vs. Moon, a musical whirlwind of noise coming in various maelströming shapes -more

JUN 04th 2006
The single series started today! 3" CDRs with glossy color covers all neatly wrapped in a transparent envelope! BE#30 is Nacre, free-experimental-electro-jazz or summink and BE#31 is digital and not-so-digital ambient... And both are great.

FEB 26th 2006
BE#29 is Yasushi Miura vs. Bodyvehicle, that's techno from Mars vs. dub from Venus and it makes your bottom shake at random (be careful when listening to this doing your spring cleaning)
French version of the website online!

DEC 10th 2005
The Archipel / Miura split has been cancelled (thanks to Archipel for taking 6 months to say no) but BE#29 will see the light of the day. Some day.

JUL 27th 2005
BE#29, the Archipel / Miura split has been slightly delayed

MAR 15th 2005
BE#28 is Lanz Bulldog 'premature obliteration of academic intelligence' -more

MAR 01st 2005 online!
Please report any bugs...
BE_28 is Lanz Bulldog: weirdo'core! Out within a week!

DEC 06th 2004
We found Amanonn and are very happy about it, so the split is out today -more
Tin.RP played live in Reims Nov 12th along with neo folk stars The One Ensemble Of Daniel Padden and the tremendous Flaherty/Cosano free jazz duo. A fine show neatly put up by fine people

OCT 20th 2004
Sad news: Fencing Flatworm Recordings, our longtime twin label has closed doors... -more
Our new release, the Amanonn vs. Tin.RP split has been delayed because Amanonn seem to have disappeared (that's how a rock legend is built, isn't it?)... - have you seen them?

JUL 5th 2004
Je vs. [.] 'schizoide anomique': prepared guitars and -much more

MAY 16th 2004
The Cosmic Moon 'play in random order': space and folk and fuzz and melancholy and a bit of William Shakespeare, too -more

APR 20th 2004
You can now use Paypal to order our records, for instance to buy our new release, the GintasK vs. DDN split -bittersweet experimental electronics -more



NOV 14th 2008
We now have real CDs in stock! Moon's latest releases are quite remarkable, check them out.



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