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words about what by Jimmy Possession

     You already know what noise is about. This is it: RAAAARGGGHH!!!! CRRSCWSSSHHHHH!!!! CLANGGGG!! EKKKKK! BZZZTTTTT!!! KIKIKIKIKIKIK!!!! It's made by quiet-looking men with shaved heads, combat trousers and laptop computers. Or, sometimes, weirdo gothics with a back yard full of scrap metal. Or, sometimes, prolific Japanese gentle maniacs with a large collection of effects pedals. Or whatever. Hell, I make it myself when the mood takes me. You don't know what the Noise Research Program is about. This is it:

<noise> Music is just organised noise </noise>
<research> The bands on the NRP found their own particular way to organise their own particular noises </research>
<program> Collaboration makes the world go round </program>

     NRP doesn't mean noise industrial research, but research in the frontiers of noise -music made of sounds that individually are noises. Most of the record is actually melodic, even mellow. Some, but not much, is harsh and none of it is pure noise.

so what?

     The noise research program CD compilations just say no, thank you to the standards of the record industry.

     First of all, no jewel box: the records are packed in cardboard or PVC envelopes like the ones used to send promo to labels and magazines as a tongue-in-cheek reference to the so-called music business which we sadly feel is a lot more about business than about music.

     Super-affordable price: this excellent compilation is available for €5 everywhere in the world and this should make you wonder why you’d pay five times that for the latest “summer hits” crap’o’la in shops

     No style-orientated tracklist: the music ranges from harshnoise to happy pop, with jazz, metal, electronic and hardcore incursions. It’s not genre-orientated, it’s good-music-orientated, like we all should be. It tries to show there really are no boundaries in music, there’s only good music to your ears and the rest. The fact you call the music you don’t like “noise” on a compilation entitled The Noise Research Program should make you think…

     No distributors for HMV or supermarkets: the only way you can find the NRP is ordering it here. Well, it's sort of distributed by tiny independent mail-orders as well.

     No adverts: but nice flyers, contact us if you want some

     No promo in the “normal” music media (with a few exceptions): but quite a lot of nice reviews in zines'n'mags all over the world.

     Would you like to download the press release?