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Two main times when I listen to music. First is when I go to work. I cycle listening to the mp3 player, mostly to stuff I gathered on slsk. Second is in the car. Me and my loved one have to take turns to listen to music we like alternatively. And it sometimes happens that what the other plays, both get to like it in the end.

What's kinda strange is I sometimes listen quite a lot to stuff I don't like that much but find a certain charm to. The Gathering's latest albums are the best recent example to this.

Playlist january 2006

The Telescopes - #4 (antenna, yeah well, it stayed in the player so it's still there)
A lot of Cult Of Luna (earache - not your best band ever but nice enough to listen to on my way to work)
Violet - Green (zeromoon)
Sunn O))) - Black 1 (southern lord)
The Jesus And Mary Chain - singles collection (that's a huge zipped archive found on slsk)
Yasushi Miura - unreleased split with archipel (not released on Be.Inc but still really good)

Playlist September 2005 -most new, some by the magic of soulseek

Chokebore - it's a miracle
Corrupted - se hace por los suenos asesinos
Distorted Pony - instant winner
Sigur Ros - Peel Sessions
The Cosmic Nanou - s/t (deserted village)
The Telescopes - #4 (antenna)
V/A Elvis Coffee Recordings compilation

Playlist August 2005 -some old and some new, some famous and some not that much

Accelera Deck - pop polling (scarcelight)
Jesu - heartache (hydrahead)
My Bloody Valentine - loveless (sony)
Midwich - natural wastage (evelyn)
Sunn 0))) - peel sessions
The Gathering - if then else (music for nations)
The Telescopes - winter EP (hungry audio)