The V/Archives are zipped files containing full 256 kbps mp3 less-than-30-minutes albums, so they're quite big, their quality's quite good and they fit on a CDR as they'd have fitted on a 10" vinyl -format of the Gods, needless to say. They come with full artwork, should you like to make your own audio CDR out of them (or press a 10" if you're really crazy).

ARC_00 - O vs. Tin.RP 'stéréophonique'
Guitars meet Machine and split the stereo: Tin.RP hard pans MASS and AudioMulch on one side while O hardpans acoustic guitars on the other. The final track remains exclusive to BE_09 (sold out).

ARC_01 - Franz No 'die erste Stücke Serieller Musik'
It's a bit like power electronics but it's a bit too ambient. It's a bit like experimental but it's a bit too harsh. It's a bit like Amanonn's bass player experimenting with himself and analogue equipement but... Well, yeah that's what it is.