What's the VoidArchive?

The VoidArchive is just another NetLabel. They're trendy these days. It's run like a real label with a policy and blahblahblah similar to Harshnoise.com

Can I send demos/albums/whatever for the VoidArchive?

As you read, it's run like a real label, so mostly two options. First is you wait 'till you're good enough for us to contact you. Second is you send a CDR/tape/MiniDisc to our address (asking us to put a link to your site or downloading your mp3s isn't an option)

Sending short demos is okay, sending finished albums is okay, sending something else than music is just great (poems and drawings are especially apprediated).

What happens when you release my works here?

You get your works professionnally produced/mastered for free. This might sound petty but do check the prices studios charge you for this.

You retain full property of whatever you release here and agree for it to be open source as explained in the license section. If you want to release it somewhere else that's fine, the only thing we ask is you talk about us and what a bunch of wonderful people we are.