Sending demos sucks

Please send music you want to be listened to on CDR or minidisc. We might go to your soundcloud page. We might improbably go to your myspace page. We might even more improbably download your mp3 album. Send us a heartfelt message, who knows.

Please be patient because it will take us a while to get back to you: we listen to everything we get, and this is harder than it sounds. We master our records in order to get a uniform sound -we also do the artwork.

This is Fencing Flatworm Recordings' (RIP) demo policy and it also applies to us

  • Are you serious about what you do? Being serious is: having passion, discipline, faith in your vision etc. Accuse us of being pretentious and we'll tell you to get lost. Quality control is our number one concern.
  • Is it suitable? Read some of the reviews and interviews. Do you fit in? Alternatively are you the radical shake-up that you think the label needs?
  • Is it finished, of reasonable sound quality and ready to release as it is? Generally, we're not interested in snippets or the anachronistic music-industry standard 3-song-demo.
  • Do you have a press release? If so take it out and throw it away. At this point we aren't interested in you, only in your music: the music has to stand up on its own. Artist/album/track titles, an email or postal address plus a note saying something like 'this is a demo for BE_Inc.' is all we need. If we're interested in your story then we'll ask (and we will, we're not ogres)

What you get when we release your record

  • A pro mastering (please note we are mastering engineers for quite a few serious bands)
  • 5 copies of the release
  • One euro per copy sold above 50: if we sell more than 100 of your records, you get 50 euros, more than 150 you get 100 euros, & so on
  • Quite a lot of promo and media coverage: copies are sent to our favourite underground fan/webzines/mags (please note we're regularly reviewed in more-than-5000-copies magazines), to other underground labels and sorry to lack modesty on this, we sell quite a lot of records for such a micro CDR label
  • You remain the owner of the music: you keep the right to release the material elsewhere provided you credit us for discovering your talent.