BE_100 to BE_103
real pro-pressed CDs !

BE_103 Moon "tales of long dead ladies" - released on interregnum records

"Through the utilisation of manipulated guitars, heavenly understated female vocals (...) and a host of electronic equipment, Moon specializes in a spaced-out and heavily layered melodic-ambience that warps and permutates to create a psychedelic and otherworldly soundscape. A soundscape that occupies the cusp of melody and texture. (...) Refreshingly, the not-to-lengthy pieces are arranged with enough focus to captivate ones imagination whilst allowing the mind to wander freely within the confines of its semi-minimalist architecture. (...) ‘Tales of Long Dead Ladies’ proves to be a shining light in a largely languid pit of newly released ambient music. From the outset, thickly textured psycho-acoustic soundwaves stretch eternally beneath which solitary guitar strokes and heavily layered female vocal murmurs drift. (...) ‘Tales of Long Dead Ladies’ injects an impressive variety into its authoritative space-ambient parameters. Looking for a soundtrack to your dreams, then look no further than the ‘Moon’." From

BE_102 Shallnotkill / Tekken / Fantastikol Hole / Moon multisplit

Metal Hardcore, Grindcore, Technical Death Metal, Drone Metal. It's all metal yet not that metal. A great split featuring great bands and that's all there is to it.

BE_101 Noise Research Program #2 compilation

A bunch of great artists for a 23 tracks all-over-the-world, all-over-the-styles compilation packed in a beautiful cling-wrapped cardboard envelope. Featuring Agathocles, Government Alpha, The Telescopes, Ultra Milkmaids, and many more !

If you'd like to hear some of it : (ML), (serge), (krakow&friends), (shallnotkill), (normal music), (the $hit) or download the NRP#2 megamix by Lanz Bulldog (2.54 minutes made only with untreated excerpts of the compilation)

BBC's One World airplayed SEVEN tracks of the NRP#2. Yeah, you read well, that's the national public radio and that's a third of the compilation: now tell me again the UK isn't a civilised country.

BE_100 Noise Research Program #1 compilation : only a few copies left!

We had an online compilation called the Noise Research Program running smoothly. It was supposed to show 'the darkside of noise underground artists' and featured less than 1Mb tracks (broadband wasn't that common a few years ago) that were mostly Noise Industrial. One day, a wonderful band from Cymru called Scramble sent us a 7 minutes track from outer space for the NRP called Digerious, nowhere near noisy, nowhere near dark -but still wonderful. So we thought and doubted and thought again and doubted again. Why only dark, why only noise? A river makes noise, the sea makes noise, birds make noise and none of them are noisy. Lots of musicians use noise(s) as an element and most of the music they make isn't noisy.

Featuring Blue Baboon, Flint Glass, Ihan, Trilemma, Ultra Milkmaids, Winterbrief and many more!

If you'd like to hear some of it: (v.+sumerki), (ihan), (narc), (winterbrief), (transistor 6), (siemers)