We share these ideas

Developped in the Libre Culture Manifesto you can download here (43Kb .pdf taken from Free Software Magazine)

Attitude is everything (mostly copypasted from FFR's manifesto)

BurningEmptiness Inc. is a homemade microlabel run by B¨L+DDN (who make the final decisions, soak up what little glory there is, write about themselves in the third person and tend to forget who exactly does what). We release great music in the genres of just about everything (dub ambient, grindcore, minimal, non-commercial pop, improvised weirdotronics of all types, noise, etc.) i.e. stuff we dig. BurningEmptiness Inc. is for us, for our artists, and for those interested in edge-music produced and distributed outside channels compromised by non-artistic concerns (yeah, this one was real punk).
BurningEmptiness is not a stepping stone, a leg up, a calling card or any other kind of means to a more famous and celebrated end. We do not 'wannabe' big. It is a project in itself and all its ambition is in its quality and integrity. We are not interested in profit, sales, magazine coverage (with notable exceptions), in the charts, in large-scale distribution, in success as normally measured. In fact, being normal individuals in the society, we can actually say we got no interest in making profit or having an attitude. In fact, THAT is our attitude. Our releases are produced cheaply and offered for sale at €5 each, whatever the format, wherever you live. That said, we insist that the design and musical content are uniformly excellent. Costs are kept low by a combination of dedication and generosity and magic, not by any skimping on quality.
Don't get us wrong - this isn't a hair-shirt, elitist, holier-than-thou operation. Quite the opposite: we are into life-affirming creative endeavour. We like all kinds of independent media (in fact, webzine coverage gives us most of the clients we have), email distribution lists, small independent mail order and catalogue based distributors, receiving interesting post, flyers, linking up with people overseas, trades and communication with the like-minded (and the other-minded too), gigs organised for the thankless love of it on a non-profit basis, and so on. BE Inc. is proud to be a node in this amazing network and it is lot of fun too. The whole music business as traditionally understood is largely irrelevant to us, which is kind of exciting. Let us spell it out further. We don't even want to make a living out of BE Inc.: not now, not ever. In fact, we can afford not to be influenced by commercial ideas because of our jobs and because we’re, you know, just normal people. All we want to do is treat our artists and 'consumers' fairly and provide an outlet for stuff we dig without having to be compromised by other concerns. We believe that the official sanction of major reviews, a barcode and ubiquitous distribution is, at best, unreliable, and at worst insulting. Dropping 16 quid (that is €24, people, music is expensive over the channel -and don't even think about how much it is in US$ these days) in HMV on what you've been told to buy is a risky strategy. It can sometimes pay off, but generally is an utter failure as a joyous life-enhancing experience. Let's just take it all outside.

Attitude is everything II -the return of the attitude

BurningEmptiness Inc. is a non-commercial interdependent homemade record label interested in giving different music a chance on our soon-to-be radioactive wasteland. We say different music: we do not specialize in any style/genre, we release acoustic and electronic, noisy and silent, harsh and mellow, minimal and maximal. We say interdependent not independent: we get help from friends all around the world to distribute the music, and basically we depend on *you* to exist. We say non-commercial not anti-commercial: we do not cry out 'no compromise' mottos, we do not advertise our supposed AntiCapitalist attitude in the corporate-business-owned press, we release stuff we like as well as stuff we don't but think interesting and we do not rely on the label to make a living. We say homemade: we Do It Ourselves as much as we can, we release albums on CDRs because they're the cheapest and on floppydisks because they're so beautiful.