Common ways to help us

  • Order our records of course, like you'll do with any other label
  • Trade records with us: any fair trade is accepted, because that's how the underground's always worked
  • Download and print our catalogue and give it to your friends (that's especially useful if you live far away)
  • You like our stuff? Say it! Tell your friends you had such a wonderful record for a bare €5! Review it!

Less common ways to help us

  • You don't like our stuff? Shut up! Don't review it! (that's even more helpful than what's just above)
  • Help us getting super-low vinyl or CD pressing rates and we'll probably offer you a lifetime subscription
  • Trade any kind of art with us: your fanzine, your drawings, your poems, your photographs, whatever it is you do, we're always interested and most of the time willing to do a fair trade
  • Trade any kind of stuff with us: you're a software programmer? If we like your software and you give us a license, you'll end up being offered a lifetime subscription; you're a hardware manufacturer? Just the same (except we don't even have to like your gear -as you know, hardware is easily traded or re-sold); you've got easy access to webspace, domain name registration and so on? Same! You make tee-shirts? You really do? Contact us!
  • Trade anything you might think of with us: you've got great ideas for our website? A unique idea for our visuals? You run a very big zine and happen to like our productions? You've got a lot of blank CDRs and have no use for them? You run a big distribution list and want to distribute our full catalogue? We sure can arrange something