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We release music in varied styles but only stuff we think we'd buy ourselves. Here's how we miraculously manage to maintain so high standards of quality for you at such a low price.

BE_30 to BE_39
the singles series, 3" CDR with glossy color cover packed in a small PVC envelope
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BE_37 FrzImagho and moon

FrzImagho is a duo of guitarists. FrzImagho uses computer-processed guitars to improvise glitchy electronica in realtime. Micromelodies and clicks. Hisses and ambient textures. Sound research and feedback. Please note these tracks were improvised and recorded in 2003-2004-listen

moon is brain and pair of hands behind the knobs of a pile of analog and digital synthesizers, floating in hypersleep. Modular synthesis is used by brain to create spontaneously evolving ambient soundscapes, with minimal hand intervention -listen

BE_36 Robe. vs. The Crowned Heads Of Europe

Slow, methodical, dark... cold, unsettling, and sad. Well, I'm not sure. Ambient, drone, experimental... metal, noise and doom. Well, I'm not sure either. Think Boris, think Sunn O))) or best don't think at all and listen for yourself. Excerpt one - Excerpt two

BE_35 Whitenoisesound vs. .redshifts

Whitenoisesound is a huge 7-people-we-really-need-a-tour-bus band from Wales. .redshifts (YES, it’s DOT-redshifts) is a little one-man-I-really-need-a-bag-for-my-laptop project from Britain. Psych, says he. Kraut says she. Synths says he. Reverberated guitars says she. Amps says he. Software emulation says she. Did I tell you genres suck? Excerpt one - Excerpt two

BE_34 ONDO vs. The Autrasian Goat

Ondo is a one-man project from Sweden. Ondo is probabaly drone metal. That is funeral doom played at 12 bpm. That is ambient metal music. And that is good. The Austrasian Goat is a one-man project from France. The Austrasian Goat is probably sludge. That is doom metal, only doomer. Genres suck, they really do. Excerpt one - Excerpt two

BE_33 O vs. Moon "moonOphonique part one"

The moonOphonique split is made of two parts released by two microlabels on two continents thousands of miles apart (see also Which is appropriate for too seemingly opposite bands: O’s influences are within contemporary music, Moon’s are within space rock and harshnoise. O uses acoustic guitars and field recordings, Moon uses electric guitars and synthesizers. Both use computers, mainly as recording tools. Both can’t hide their love for sheer noise. Both welcome digital clipping, mistakes, hazard and incidents in their music. Excerpt one - Excerpt two

BE_32 The Bordellos vs. Perfect Blue " a gift of sunshine"

The Bordellos are somewhat psychedelic. They’re also somewhat pop, but not in a conventional manner. They could be compared to bands you’ve never heard of like The Cosmic Nanou, or to bands you already know like early Mercury Rev or The Flaming Lips. Perfect Blue is also somewhat psychedelic… The ambient way in the Klaus Schultze manner. Listen to their ‘sunshine’ and feel how night workers feel after an exhausting shift when walking back home… Only unlike work, the best part of ‘sunshine’ is when it starts, not when it ends. Excerpt one - Excerpt two

BE_31 Objekt4 "floor 27 - specimen storage"

Our first go at digital and not-so-digital ambient (yes it means the 3" is one 20 minutes track). Objekt4 send us a demo. And we loved it, we released it. And we do hope you enjoy it.

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BE_30 Nacre "hier et demain ?"

Is it freejazz ? Nope. Is it electronica? Nope. Is it noise? Nope. Is it excellent experimental music plus a touch of all that? Yes. It's electrophone and saxophone and microphone and the Gorlier twins with their electribes. It's not easy-listening, it's good music.


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BE_20 to BE_29
beautiful b&w vegetal pictures taken by B¨L on one side of the paper sleeve, minimal liner notes in Lucida Console font on the other, a CDR neatly packed in a transparent PVC envelope, each release strictly limited to 77 copies
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BE_29 Yasushi Miura vs. Bodyvehicle "techno is from Mars and dub is from Venus"

48 minutes of beats and melodies, organised and random, fast and slow, crazy and wise mixed by a four-armed blue-skinned DJ on a distant planet...

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BE_28 Lanz Bull dog "premature obliteration of academic intelligence"

34 tracks worth of free grind!

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sold out sorry but still: a little mp3 excerpt - another one - and another one

BE_27 Amanonn vs. Tin.RP "intelligence is female"

electroclash vs. electronoise - new new wave vs. new new beat

a little mp3 excerpt
another one

BE_26 JE vs. [.] "schizoide anomique"

The ultimate me vs. myself schizoid split: acoustronic guitars, elecdrones, dubloops. YannF meets HimSelf.

a little mp3 excerpt

BE_25 The Cosmic Moon “play in random order“

We humans invented words so we could kill each other without weapons... The Cosmic Moon re-invented space folk with a touch of noise so we could forget about it...

a little mp3 excerpt

BE_24 GintasK vs. DDN “the pulse and click of your cyberheart is melody to my analogue to digital converter“

"a collection of sonic haikus for winter" (Igloo magazine)

a little mp3 excerpt


BE_23 Margrave Ruediger vs. Trombone 'two broken teeth and a cracked rib' live in Lyon

dance music for astrobots with a heart of fudge

a little mp3 excerpt

BE_22 Guitare Brothers 't'aimes pas de techno or what'

sold out sorry but still: a little mp3 excerpt

BE_21 Jan AG / 777? / Rank Sinatra

sold out sorry but still: a little mp3 excerpt

BE_20 Midwich meets MooN 'the starfish experience'

sold out sorry but still: a little mp3 excerpt

BE_00 to BE_29
(oldies but goldies, mostly sold out)
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BE_17 Tin.RP 'abs.nce'

'When the world died, there was still music, nothing but music which escaped from dust and radioactive rain. The world was on fire but there was still music. So different , so pure , so hard to understand. And in the end there was nothing but a sound gaving birth to all the things that now we call our world... Here is abs.ence, abs.enc, abs.en, abs.e, abs., abs, ab., a.  ... Nothing else remains'

'Music from the bunker disco' (vital weekly)


Experimental music, influenced by Xenakis, Boulez, Autechre, and the sound of Silence.

BE_15 Moon 'back to the stars'

'Electronic pop music back from future times' (immanence)

ONE copy left... last chance to get this cult album before Moon gets famous...

BE_05 Moon 'a second blue'

MooN was the first band on BurningEmptiness Inc. using real instruments (guitars, mostly) as well as electronics. Their *different* approach of rock and roll using lots of digital distorsion, sci-fi movie samples and deep analogue 70's synth sounds make the album a wonderful alternative to classic space rock.

BE_04 Tin.RP vs. Hyniouki 'killing Aubade'

japanoise meets harsh techno ! Ultra aggressive noise and rhythms!